About My Practice

Psychotherapy with Shaun Levine, LCSW-R (Westchester, New York)It is important to me to work with my clients as a cohesive team, developing the most effective, individualized therapeutic strategies.  After all, people are different and shouldn’t be fit into a cookie cutter approach. Some clients benefit from in-depth therapy focusing on childhood trauma and loss discovering how these events currently impact them and the destructive patterns that result. Others focus on developing a set of tools they can use to cope with the challenges and stressors in their lives—working on changing the maladaptive ways they may think, feel and act.

I create a safe and trustworthy environment where this work can happen. As part of the sessions there is a balance between supporting clients in their struggles and challenging them to work toward change. Additionally, therapeutic work needs to take place outside of the session for there to be the most impact. Because of this, I work with my clients on strategies to practice between sessions to maximize the work being done.

Since 1999, I have practiced psychotherapy in the Westchester area—working with a variety of populations and concerns—after receiving my Masters in Social Work from New York University. Because I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the ‘R’ certification, sessions are reimbursable under all out of network insurance plans that have mental health coverage.



“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein